A $4,000 USD Recommended System

Fair Hedon’s $4000 Recommended System With Both Analog and Digital Sources.

We believe this system can provide long term enjoyment without need for upgrading

anytime soon.  The system covers high quality vinyl and digital playback.


Sonore microRendu + iFi iPower-$700

Rega Planar 2 + Schiit Mani-$875

Integrated Amplifier/DAC:

Marantz HD AMP1=$1100


Magenpan MMGi-$700

Interconnects, Speaker Cable, Power Cords:

WireWorld Solstice 7: $64 (IC), $140 (Speaker)

WireWorld Stratus 7: $104

USB Cable: 

WireWorld UltraViolet: $60